2020 OSHA Logs

It’s that time of year when this should be at the top of every company’s to do list. Your OSHA 300A’s should be complete and ready to be posted on February 1st through April 30th. And for companies with 250 or more employees that are currently required to keep OSHA logs, and establishments with 20-249 … Continue reading "2020 OSHA Logs"

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OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations for 2019

Click here to download our 2019 OSHA Violation Poster! For the ninth consecutive year Fall Protection (General Requirements) is OSHA’s most frequently cited standard. Here is the full list for 2019! 1. Fall Protection – General Requirements (7,014) 2. Hazard Communication (4,170) 3. Scaffolding (3,228) 4. Lockout/Tagout (2,975) 5. Respiratory Protection (2,826) 6. Ladders (2,766) … Continue reading "OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations for 2019"

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The Importance of Training

Employee training is paramount to the success of a safety program.  It is also critical that the training be documented, and files retained to ensure that your organization is audit ready. Employers have an obligation to put new employees through an orientation process and provide certain safety training before they are allowed to go to … Continue reading "The Importance of Training"

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The Hard Hat Turns 100!

When we think of people whose inventions have made significant impacts to our world we tend to think of Thomas Edison and the lightbulb or Karl Benz and the automobile.  But in the construction industry we should thank Edward Bullard, because 100 years ago in 1919 he invented the hard had, which today is the … Continue reading "The Hard Hat Turns 100!"

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Impalement Protection Caps

The OSHA standard for protecting reinforcing steel can be found in 1926 subpart Q for concrete and masonry construction. 1926.701(b) states all protruding reinforcing steel, onto and into which employees could fall, shall be guarded to eliminate the hazard of impalement. Exposure to impalement is always a concern when employees are working above rebar or … Continue reading "Impalement Protection Caps"

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Heat Illness in Construction

In construction a large portion of work is performed outdoors.  Extreme temperatures influence worker safety and during summer months workers are at a greater risk for heat stress. Heat stress is the overall heat load on the human body that includes temperature, humidity and radiant heat in the thermal environment, and metabolic heat generated by … Continue reading "Heat Illness in Construction"

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The Importance of Safety Inspections

OSHA requires that regular and frequent inspections of job sites, materials and equipment be made by a competent person designated by the employer. These inspections are instrumental in establishing and maintaining a good safety culture. It is also important that these inspections be documented either on paper or using some sort of electronic system. CORE … Continue reading "The Importance of Safety Inspections"

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Safety Habits: Part 2

Habits are built in four stages: a cue a craving the response the reward. Knowing how a habit is formed, steps can be taken to create good habits or to break bad ones. To create a good habit you need to make the cue obvious, make the craving attractive, the response has to be easy … Continue reading "Safety Habits: Part 2"

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Posted: May 15, 2019

National Safety Stand-Down 2019

The sixth annual National Safety Stand-Down to prevent falls in construction will be next week May 6-10th.  Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 366, which is about 35% of the construction fatalities recorded in 2017.   Those deaths were preventable. The National … Continue reading "National Safety Stand-Down 2019"

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Posted: May 2, 2019

CORE Safety Promotes Safe Driving During April

While CORE provides training, insurance surveying, and a number of other services to enhance job safety, you can also play a role in your and others’ safety by educating your colleagues about the dangers of distracted driving. Encourage others to put away their phones and other distractions including food, beverages, cigarettes, and radio and prevent possible accidents by maintaining a safe time interval between your car and the car ahead.

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Posted: April 9, 2019