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Is Your Organization Prepared For An OSHA Inspection?

Have you ever considered what would happen if an OSHA arrived at your facility or project site to conduct an inspection?  A single serious violation can carry a fine for  as much as $70,000.  CORE Safety’s Mock OSHA Inspection is designed to help prepare your team for an actual OSHA inspection and minimize your organization’s OSHA exposure and liability.  This exercise offers peace of mind by proactively identifying potential hazards, measuring compliance with OSHA regulations and provides training for handling an OSHA inspection while also fostering a culture of safety among your team.

Our Mock OSHA Experience

Core Safety’s Mock OSHA inspections mimic’s an actual OSHA inspection and is combined with training and coaching throughout each phase of the inspection so that your team learns how to appropriately respond and handle various scenarios. For example, did you know that there are limitations to a complaint based inspection as compared to a programmed inspection? Knowing how to handle these situations may be the difference in thousand of dollars in OSHA citations.

Our Mock OSHA experience will not only provide your organization with a compliance report that outlines potential OSHA violations and fine amounts, but will provide your team an understanding on what to expect before, during and after an OSHA inspection.

Mock OSHA Inspection Takeaways:

  • Compliance safety inspection of your facility or project site.
  • Explanation on the 6 types of OSHA inspections, citations and fine amount structure.
  • Coaching and training on employer and employee rights.
  • Best management practices on communicating with OSHA during and after your inspection.
  • A review of policies and procedures your organization should have in place prior to an OSHA inspection.
  • Oral feedback and written reports with recommendations on corrective actions for compliance and OSHA inspection preparedness.
  • A copy of Core Safety’s “Guidelines for Handling an OSHA Inspection”.
CoreSafety Mock OSHA Inspector
CoreSafety OSHA Defense Meeting

Why Choose Core Safety for Mock OSHA Inspections

Maintain Compliance: Be prepared for unexpected OSHA visits by addressing compliance issues proactively.

Accurate Representation: Identify deficiencies and potential hazards that might go unnoticed in day-to-day operations.

Inspection Preparation: Mimics the actions of an OSHA inspector to prepare your team’s response.

Plan for Improvement: Receive training and guidance on documentation and procedures your organization should have in place prior to an OSHA inspection.

Know your Rights: Learn what rights your organization and employees have before, during, and after an OSHA inspection.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider mock OSHA inspections?

An OSHA inspection is not a friendly visit. Violations for regulations can not only lead to costly monetary penalties but may also lead to a poor reputation and ineligibility for work opportunities. Employers should know their rights and be prepared for handling an OSHA inspection and investigation.

What industries can benefit from your services?

Any organization that is subject to an OSHA inspection. Our services are applicable across various industries, including manufacturing, construction and more.

What is included in your Mock OSHA reports?

Our comprehensive written reports mirror that what an OSHA inspector completes. In addition to violation types and potential fine amounts, we provide recommendations for corrective actions based upon the OSHA regulations.  Additionally, we provide CORE’s “Employers Guidelines for Handling an OSHA Inspection”.  Which provides recommendations and tips for organization to reference.

Do you offer assistance with implementing recommended corrective actions?

Absolutely. We provide guidance and support for implementing the recommended corrective actions, helping you effectively address safety concerns and compliance gaps.

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