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Ensuring Safety and Efficiency on Construction Sites

In the fast-paced world of construction, ensuring the health and safety of employees is paramount. CORE Safety Group specializes in providing comprehensive onsite medical services tailored specifically for the construction industry. Through the establishment of fully equipped onsite clinics, we address medical emergencies, manage minor illnesses, and oversee follow-up care directly at your project location. This proactive approach not only mitigates medical costs but significantly diminishes downtime, worker compensation claims, and potential litigation risks.

Core Safety Onsite Medical Services

Comprehensive Care Where It Counts

Our onsite clinics transform the way construction injuries and illnesses are handled by offering immediate medical attention where it’s needed most – right at the job site. This facility is equipped to treat over 80% of typical construction-related injuries on the spot. Such accessibility drastically reduces the need for external medical referrals, keeps worker compensation claims to a minimum, and maintains a low Experienced Modification Rating (EMR). From initial injury care to drug testing and functional assessments, our medical staff ensures that all health and safety regulations are meticulously followed, which in turn helps in reducing safety fines and citations.

Follow-Up and Case Management

Continuity of care is critical in managing health outcomes after an onsite injury. CORE Safety Group excels in this aspect by facilitating seamless coordination between onsite care and off-site medical facilities. Our healthcare team diligently oversees the entire recuperation process, ensuring that follow-up appointments are made and attended, and that all parties involved are updated on the patient’s recovery status. This comprehensive management strategy supports not only immediate return to work programs but also aids in handling long-term disability claims, thus safeguarding both employee welfare and company resources.

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Fundamental Service Parameters

  • Immediate and Follow-Up Medical Care
  • Drug, Alcohol, and Functional Capacity Testing
  • Hearing, Vision, and Pulmonary Assessments
  • Worker’s Compensation and Record Keeping
  • Comprehensive Injury and Illness Management
  • Safety Compliance for PPE, Cranes, and Rigging
  • Checks for Stairways, Ladders, MEWPs, and Material Handling
  • Implementation of Fall Protection and Fire Safety Measures

Benefits of Onsite Medical Services for Your Organization

  • Targeted Care: Our statistics focus on specific health management areas that reduce your organization’s risk of injuries and ensure quick recovery.
  • Detailed Health Reports: Identify potential health issues and medical risks specific to your industry and organization to prevent accidents and enhance safety.
  • Comparative Analysis: Review and compare medical service usage and outcomes across locations to streamline health management strategies.
  • Policy Development: Assist in creating effective health policies and procedures that reduce medical and safety hazards.
  • Risk Mitigation: Implement successful strategies for reducing health-related incidents and maintaining low EMR, decreasing potential legal and financial liabilities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties and fines due to non-compliance.
  • Customized Medical Solutions: Tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your organization and industry, providing targeted and effective medical care.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Whether you need localized support or a comprehensive nationwide medical services program, CORE Safety Group is equipped to manage all aspects of onsite health services efficiently and consistently.


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     Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of injuries can be treated at the onsite clinic?

    Our clinics are equipped to handle most construction-related injuries and minor illnesses, ensuring comprehensive immediate care onsite.

    How does having an onsite clinic affect our company's EMR?

    Keeping treatment onsite generally prevents the need for external claims, helping to maintain a low EMR which can lead to lower insurance premiums.

    What if an employee needs more specialized treatment?

    While our onsite clinic handles the majority of cases, complex injuries are referred to excellent off-site medical facilities. Our team coordinates all aspects of follow-up care.

    Are there any additional benefits to the company besides medical care?

    Yes, onsite medical services contribute to a safer workplace environment and enhance overall employee morale by demonstrating a commitment to employee health and safety.

    Can CORE Safety Group customize the onsite services based on specific project needs?

    Absolutely! We tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each construction site, ensuring optimal health management and compliance with all safety standards.

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