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At Core Safety, we understand that an effective safety program is more than just a set of policies; it’s a reflection of your organization operations. and leadership. Our safety program assessment serves as a comprehensive evaluation of your entire safety program, identifying gaps within your safety program and providing a benchmark for your organization’s performance against federal regulations and industry best practices.  It is designed to enhance safety measures and to help you take the management of your safety program to the next level.

Who Needs This Service?

Our Safety Program Assessment service is tailored to organizations that are committed to enhancing their health and safety standards. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, general industry, or healthcare, our experienced CORE team is available to assist you anywhere in the United States. We recognize that every organization is unique, and our evaluation is customized to suit your specific needs. An effective safety program is a pivotal aspect that mirrors your organization’s values and commitment to safety. Let us assist you in evaluating and aligning your safety and health program with your organizational goals. Our assessment is tailored to cater to organizations seeking an evaluation of their health and safety standards.

Comprehensive Evaluation

When you choose Core Safety Group for your Safety Program Assessment, you can expect an in-depth evaluation of your organizations safety program. Following the assessment, our dedicated consultant will provide you with a detailed report and summary outlining areas of risk and suggestive practices to enhance your safety program, management, and overall safety culture. This analysis focuses on identifying risk management and loss control practices across 12 key functions, which can be adapted to align with your organization’s structure and needs. From safety inspections to leadership commitment, our evaluation leaves no stone unturned in evaluating your safety program’s strengths and areas for improvement.

CoreSafety Safety Program Assessment Procedure

Benchmark Performance

To assess your progress, we establish benchmarks for each function, providing you with both quantitative and qualitative safety data. We provide annual function scoring, enabling you to review your program’s performance and its impact on your organization’s safety culture. Should adjustments be necessary, we’ll work closely with you to make the required program development changes.

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We provide analytics throughout our assessment. The example data set displays a third party perspective observing the various key functions of your organization’s safety program. Establishing a baseline measurement for comparison to similar organizations in your industry, as well as illustrating key areas of improvement that are needed.

Combined with our safety inspection and auditing process, we are able to include statistical data on potential hazards and areas for improvement to assist with meeting safety regulations and industry standards. This data can then utilized to target in on your organizations specific training needs and policy updates.

Core Safety team explains Safety Program Assessment

How it Works

Curious about the inner workings of our Safety Program Assessment? Here’s a glimpse into the process:

  • Collaborate with the management team to gain insights.
  • Identify your organizational structure, resources, and goals.
  • Organizational structure analysis.
  • Establish functions tailored to your organization.
  • Prioritize areas for improvement and design solutions.
  • Set measurable safety objectives.
  • Set goals for continuous improvement.
  • Implement new safety initiatives.
  • Provide behavior-based approach to ensure safety.
  • Coach and mentor personnel at all levels of the organization.
  • Conduct loss control auditing.
  • Provide comprehensive training programs.
  • Maintain meticulous record-keeping for future reference.

Assessment Functions

  • Company Manual
  • Safety Inspections/Loss Control Auditing
  • Safety Training
  • Hiring Practices
  • Safety Policy Review
  • Inspection and Auditing Analysis
  • Substance Abuse Program
  • Accident Investigation & Claims Management
  • Fleet Safety/DOT Compliance
  • Environmental Controls
  • Subcontractor Safety
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Employee Involvement
Safety Assessment Procedure

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     Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Safety Program Assessment, and why do I need it?

    A Safety Program Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s safety program to identify gaps and ensure compliance with regulations. You need it to enhance safety, reduce risks, and meet industry standards.

    Who can benefit from a Safety Program Assessment?

    Any business or organization looking to enhance their safety and health program can benefit from this service. It is tailored to evaluate health and safety standards for a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and more.

    What are the key areas the Safety Assessment focuses on?

    The assessment is tailored to the organization, focusing on twelve crucial functions, which may include; Company Manual, Safety Inspections/Loss Control Auditing, Safety Training, Hiring Practices, Substance Abuse Program, Accident Investigation & Claims Management, Fleet Safety/DOT Compliance, Environmental Controls, Subcontractor Safety, Disciplinary Policy, Employee Involvement, and Leadership Commitment.

    What benefits can I expect from a Safety Program Assessment?

    You can expect an evaluation of your current program as it compares to the OSHA regulations and industry best practices. Our review will provide suggested implementation measures designed to improve your safety standards, reduced risks, enhanced compliance with regulations, increased employee engagement, and a safer work environment, ultimately leading to a healthier bottom line for your organization.

    How can I implement the suggested improvements from the Safety Assessment?

    We assist in implementing the recommended changes by providing a  behavior-based approach, coaching and mentoring at all levels of the organization, conducting OSHA based training programs, and ensuring thorough risk and safety auditing. Additionally, we help in establishing measurable objectives and goals for continuous improvement.

    What happens after the Safety Assessment is completed?

    Once the assessment is completed, our consultant provides a detailed report and a summary of suggested practices to improve your organization’s safety program, facility, and culture. This report serves as a benchmark for your organization’s performance compared to industry standards and federal regulations.

    Can you help with third-party pre-qualification requirements like ISNetworld® or PEC PremierTM?

    Yes, we offer assistance with meeting third-party pre-qualification requirements, including ISNetworld®, PICSTM, MICCSTM, and PEC PremierTM.

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