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Proactive Defense Strategies for OSHA and Workplace Claims

At CORE Safety Group, we specialize in assisting companies with OSHA citations and various claims to effectively mitigate penalties and reduce associated costs. Our team of experienced loss control and risk managers provides comprehensive support, navigating the complexities of legal defenses and claims management. Whether dealing with an OSHA inspection aftermath or managing significant workers’ compensation or general liability claims, our strategic approach is designed to minimize financial impact and safeguard your business’s reputation.

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Who Needs This Service?

This service is crucial for any organization that has recently undergone an OSHA inspection or is handling large workers’ compensation or general liability claims. Our expert team is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking to understand and navigate the often challenging landscape of compliance and claim resolution, ensuring that your operations remain unhampered and legally protected.

Key Benefits of Our OSHA Citation and Claims Defense

  • Expert Representation: Leverage our expertise to navigate through citation defenses and claim disputes.
  • Cost Reduction: Our proactive measures aim to minimize the costs associated with citations and claims.
  • Compliance Assurance: Stay compliant with OSHA regulations and avoid future liabilities.
  • Enhanced Safety Culture: Establish a safer work environment through effective risk and claims management.
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What We Provide

  • OSHA Citation Defense: Our skilled team will review your case in detail, discuss your available options, and represent your interests in both informal and formal contests and appeals processes. We aim to significantly reduce or completely eliminate your citations and penalties.
  • Workers Compensation and General Liability Claims Management: We offer a robust claims management service that includes:
    • Loss Control: Implementing strategies to reduce the occurrence and impact of claims.
    • Claims Investigation and Reporting: Ensuring all claims are accurately documented and reported to adjusters.
    • Return-to-Work Programs: Developing effective programs to reintegrate employees into the workplace post-incident.
    • Claims Litigation Management: Overseeing the litigation process to ensure favorable outcomes.
    • Evaluation of Loss-Run Reports: Analyzing reports to track losses and manage open claims effectively.
    • Benchmark Reporting: Providing insights into claims trends and performance against industry benchmarks.

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     Frequently Asked Questions

    How can CORE Safety Group help if we’ve already received an OSHA citation?

    We provide expert defense strategies and represent your interests throughout the citation contesting and appeal process to reduce or eliminate fines.

    What makes your claims management different from other services?

    Our approach is comprehensive, combining loss control with effective claims handling and litigation management, tailored to reduce costs and enhance operational safety.

    Can you help with both small and large-scale claims?

    Yes, our services are scalable to handle any size of claim, providing detailed management and support irrespective of the claim size.

    What is the first step after contacting CORE for claims defense?

    We start with a detailed review of your case, followed by strategic planning sessions to discuss the most effective approach tailored to your specific needs.

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