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Online Training

Our CORE Safety online safety training features hundreds of courses on OSHA, general industry and construction-related topics, both in English and Spanish. Course content ranges from general safety, such as the OSHA 10-Hour or First Aid/CPR/AED training, to specialized subjects, such as fall protection, electrical, scaffolding, hazard communication, fire protection, respiratory protection, and more. Utilize our search bar above to quickly find the course you are looking for! Please note that there will be an $8.99 OSHA card processing fee and applicable taxes.

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Featured Online Courses

Course Title Language Price Cart
The Competent Person English $35.00
Workzone Traffic Control English $20.00
Workzone Safety Tips English $20.00
Welding/Hot Work English $20.00
Trenching and Excavation English $20.00
Trenching & Excavations- Practical Applications English $20.00
Sun and Other Outdoor Hazards English $20.00
Subpart R – Steel Erection English $20.00
Subpart O – Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment English $20.00
Subpart D – Occupational Health English $20.00
Subpart D – Construction Health Hazards English $20.00
Subpart C – Construction General Safety English $20.00
Stairways and Ladders English $20.00
Spray Coating Operations English $20.00
Soils Analysis & Classification English $20.00
Slips, Trips and Falls English $20.00
Scaffold User Guidelines English $20.00
Scaffold Erection Guidelines English $20.00
Safety and Health during Disaster Recovery English $20.00
Road Construction Special Hazards English $20.00
Road Construction Health Hazards English $20.00
Road Construction Common Hazards English $20.00
Rigging English $20.00
Respiratory Protection English $20.00
Power Tool Use and Guarding English $20.00
Personal Protective Equipment, Special English $20.00
Personal Protective Equipment, Common English $20.00
Other Construction Health Hazards English $20.00
OSHA – An Introduction English $20.00
Office Safety English $20.00
Noise and Hearing Protection English $20.00
New and Hot Topics at OSHA 2006 English $20.00
New and Hot Topics at OSHA 2005 English $20.00
Motorized Mobile Platforms English $20.00
Molds English $20.00
Mold – OSHA Position English $20.00
Materials Handling English $20.00
Lead Hazards English $20.00
Laser Hazards English $20.00
How to Read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) English $20.00
Helicopter Lift Safety English $20.00
Heat Stress English $20.00
Hazardous Waste English $20.00
Hazard Communication Standard English $20.00
Ground Fault Protection in Construction English $20.00
Forklift Hazards English $20.00
Fire Prevention English $20.00
Fall Protection Equipment English $20.00
Fall Protection in Construction English $30.00
Ergonomics English $20.00
Emergency Response English $20.00
Emergency Action/Response English $20.00
Electrical Hazards English $20.00
Electrical Hazard Recognition & Control English $20.00
Dust Disturbance and Mitigation English $20.00
Demolition Hazards English $20.00
Defensive Driving Techniques English $20.00
Crane Safety Basics English $20.00
Control of Hazardous Energies English $20.00
Construction Zone Fitness English $20.00
Concrete and Masonry English $20.00
Asbestos Hazards English $20.00
Alcohol & Substance Abuse English $20.00
Accident Prevention Heavy Construction English $20.00
100% Fall Protection English $20.00
Course Title Language Price Cart
Introduction to OSHA English $20.00
Inorganic Arsenic English $10.00
Industrial Hygiene Awareness R2 English $10.00
Housekeeping Awareness R2 English $10.00
Hexavalent Chromium Awareness R2 English $10.00
Hexavalent Chromium English $20.00
Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories English $10.00
Hazard Communication Awareness R2 English $10.00
Hazard Communication English $20.00
Formaldehyde English $10.00
Flammable and Combustible Liquids English $20.00
Exit Routes, EAP/Fire Prevention Plans English $20.00
Ethylene Oxide English $10.00
Emergency Action Planning Awareness R2 English $10.00
Electrical Safety and LOTO English $20.00
DBCP English $10.00
Cotton Dust English $10.00
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness English $10.00
Coke Oven Emissions English $10.00
Chlorine Awareness R2 English $10.00
Cadmium English $10.00
Benzene English $10.00
BBP Awareness R2 English $10.00
Back Injury Prevention and Safe Lifting Techniques English $20.00
Asbestos English $10.00
Ammonia Awareness R2 English $10.00
Alcohol & Substance Abuse for Supervisors English $35.00
Air Contaminants English $10.00
Acrylonitrile English $10.00
Accident Investigation English $35.00
13 Carcinogens English $10.00
100 Questions on Electrical Safety English $30.00
1, 3 Butadiene English $10.00
Ionizing Radiation English $10.00
Job Hazard Analysis English $20.00
Ladder Safety Training English $20.00
Lead English $10.00
Machine Guarding English $20.00
Materials Handling and Storage, General Industry English $20.00
Methylene Chloride English $10.00
Methylenedianiline MDA English $10.00
Noise and Hearing Conservation English $20.00
Portable Fire Extinguishers English $10.00
Process Safety Management English $10.00
Respiratory Protection Awareness R2 English $10.00
Retention of DOT Markings English $10.00
Subpart Z Toxic and Hazardous Substances English $20.00
Vinyl Chloride English $10.00
Walking and Working Surfaces English $20.00
Worker Right to Know English $10.00
Workplace Violence English $20.00
Course Title Language Price Cart
OSHA 10-Hour Construction English $89.00
OSHA 30-Hour Construction English $189.00
Hazwoper 8-Hour Refresher 2016 English $95.00
Course Title Language Price Cart
Sexual Harassment Non California Managers English $35.00
Sexual Harassment Non California Employees English $35.00