Introduction to OSHA - Basic Course for Employees - Core Safety, LLC
Core Safety Group

Intended Audience

  • Students seeking orientation about worker’s rights
  • Interested Individuals

Course Topics

  • The origins and functions of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA);
  • Which employers do and do not fall under OSHA’s jurisdiction;
  • Relationship between Federal OSHA versus State Plan OSHA Programs;
  • The application of different OSHA regulations to various workplaces;
  • Triggers that cause employers to be selected for OSHA compliance inspections;
  • An overview of the on-site OSHA inspection process;
  • Rights and responsibilities of employees and their employers under the OSH Act of 1970;
  • The process for employees to file a complaint with OSHA; and,
  • OSHA compliance assistance resources.

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