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Safety must be a top priority on any construction site and workers engaged in trenching and excavation must also take additional precautions to avoid serious injuries and even fatalities. OSHA ranks trenching and excavation among the most dangerous jobs in construction with at least twenty-five workers are killed each year due to trench collapses. The Trenching and Excavation Safety Toolbox Talk from ClickSafety makes it easy to include these essential topics in your regularly scheduled toolbox talks to ensure workers are aware of common hazards and up-to-date practices for staying safe on the job.

During the Trenching and Excavation Safety Toolbox Talk, Pete Rice, CSP, CIH, REHS will guide workers through key topics in trenching and excavation safety, including:

  • Trench safety measures
  • General standards for trenching and excavation
  • Four major protective systems for worker safety

After participating in the Trenching and Excavation Safety Toolbox Talk, team members should be aware of the best ways to protect themselves on construction sites during trenching and excavation activities. Employees will receive a review of best practices for safety, as well as the critical equipment needed to safeguard against cave-ins, falls, and other job site hazards.

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