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Basic Entertainment Rigging & Inspection

The Basic Entertainment Rigging and Inspection course is an introductory-level training designed to equip participants with a thorough understanding of rigging setups as they pertain to the entertainment industry. Throughout this course, participants can expect to learn the essentials of rigging gear inspection, proper rigging procedures, and load control methods using traditional rigging techniques from the rigging industry.

The Basic Entertainment Rigging and Inspection course will teach participants the essentials of rigging operations and their uses in the entertainment industry, as well as equipment used in the workplace. Specific course topics are reinforced through supplemental workbooks and include the following:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Tools commonly used by entertainment riggers
  • Hitch types used in entertainment rigging
  • Sling types used in entertainment rigging
  • OSHA sling regulations
  • Bridal legs technique
  • Workplace safety points
  • Load hazard zones
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) for use in entertainment rigging

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