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OSHA’s Firework Safety Tips for Businesses

Posted: June 29, 2017 Tags:

As our clients, partners and colleagues celebrate Independence Day this week, please remember OSHA’s firework safety tips for businesses. Whether storing large amounts of fireworks, transporting fireworks or even training people to use fireworks, safety should be every company’s primary concern when handling explosives.

Below are CORE Safety’s top 7 fireworks safety tips to keep your business safe this summer:

1. Train staff in exit routes, extinguisher locations and procedures.

Employees should know where fire extinguishers are located within your business and be trained in the proper procedures for extinguishing a fire. In addition, employees should know the shortest route to the nearest exit from any point within your store or venue, and exits should be clearly labeled.

2. Remove and dispose of damaged fireworks.
When damaged, fireworks can be dangerous and must be disposed of immediately. Train your employees to spot damaged fireworks and have a designated container where they can soak in water until they can be disposed of properly.

3. Remove loose pyrotechnic powder promptly.

Pyrotechnic powder reacts to heat and causes fireworks to explode. These dangerous chemicals come out of broken or damaged fireworks or can be on firework packaging. Since the powder reacts quickly to heat, the loose powder must be swept up and disposed of immediately to prevent dangerous accidents.

4. Use only nonsparking tools and no vacuum cleaners.

Some tools and vacuum cleaners generate sparks and heat that can ignite fireworks. Be sure to train employees to sweep up loose powder instead of vacuuming and use tools that will not generate sparks.

5. Do not allow smoking.

No smoking should be allowed within 50 feet of a fireworks warehouse. Cigarettes, cigars and other substances create sparks that can set off fireworks and put employees and guests in danger.

6. Keep facilities secure.

Trespassers can be seriously harmed if they enter your fireworks facility after hours—leaving you with property damage and an expensive bill. Be sure to keep doors locked and maintain other safety measures such as security cameras or night shift employees.

7. Keep exits clear and accessible.

If an accident happens, employees and customers will need to evacuate the area quickly. Make sure that all exits are clear of debris or clutter with lit paths or labels.

Remember these fireworks safety tips this Independence Day, and enjoy a happy and safe holiday!

For more information, visit OSHA.gov.

Photo by Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

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