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Safety Habits: Part 2

Posted: May 15, 2019 Tags: , ,

Habits are built in four stages:

  1. a cue
  2. a craving
  3. the response
  4. the reward.

Knowing how a habit is formed, steps can be taken to create good habits or to break bad ones.

To create a good habit you need to make the cue obvious, make the craving attractive, the response has to be easy and the reward must be satisfying.

On the flip side, to break a bad habit, the cue needs to be invisible, make the craving unattractive, the response should be difficult and the reward has to be unsatisfying.

For example, if we want to ensure that a worker wears a face shield while grinding, make sure that the danger labels on the tool are legible to help make the cue obvious.  Also, ensure workers are trained on what injuries look like when face shields aren’t worn, this can make the craving of not being hurt, attractive.  Make sure that every grinder always has a face shield paired with it, this will make the response easy to perform.  And lastly be sure to positively recognize workers for wearing their PPE, this can be as simple as a thank you that over time could lead to a larger reward.

So whenever you want to influence behaviors, ask yourself.

  • How can I make it obvious?
  • How can I make it attractive?
  • How can I make it easy?
  • And how can I make it satisfying?

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Excerpt from Atomic Habits

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