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Dewatering After the Storm

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Dewatering is often needed when stormwater accumulates in trenches, manholes, foundation excavations, and other areas of construction jobsites.

Dewatering requirements and restrictions are typically addressed in the general permit issued by state agencies or the EPA. State stormwater manuals often provide additional specifications on required practices, and local authorities may also impose restrictions.

Dewatering Tips

  • Plan a head. Most construction projects will face the prospect of rain, which can cause major work delays. Plan ahead to save both time and money on your project.
  • Know your requirements. Make sure you know the federal, state, and local rules and permit requirements, which will require implementation of specific best management practices and discharge restrictions.
  • Get organized. Discuss dewatering protocols with affected project personnel and procure necessary equipment and treatment products before they are needed. Stormwater that is contaminated with oil, fuel or other chemicals is a prohibited discharge under NPDES permitting. In some cases, dewatering discharges may need to be chemically treated to meet water quality parameters. know your stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) requirements and plan accordingly.

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