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The Importance of Safety Inspections

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OSHA requires that regular and frequent inspections of job sites, materials and equipment be made by a competent person designated by the employer. These inspections are instrumental in establishing and maintaining a good safety culture. It is also important that these inspections be documented either on paper or using some sort of electronic system. CORE encourages the use of an electronic system which allows the inspection data to be tracked which can help identify areas for improvement on a project site or throughout the company. And really that’s the bigger picture reason of why the regular and frequent inspection are so important. By recognizing the issues we can make policy changes, process improvements or identify training that needs to be provided. These inspections are also important for showing OSHA that as an employer you are doing your due diligence to provide a safe working environment.

If you’re needing help inspecting your job sites, or would like a guiding hand to get things on track, don’t hesitate to call or email Core Safety.

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