OSHA Emphasizes Trenching and Excavation
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OSHA Emphasizes Trenching & Excavation

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Safety Consulting for Trench and Excavation

OSHA recently updated the National Emphasis Program on preventing trenching and excavation collapses in response to a recent spike in trenching fatalities.

OSHA recently cited a Missouri excavating company for allowing two employees to work in an unprotected trench while installing sewer pipe.

The company now faces proposed penalties of over $189 thousand dollars.

OSHA inspectors determined that the company:

  • failed to use benching, sloping, shoring, or other protective systems to prevent a trench collapse;
  • conduct regular inspections of the jobsite;
  • adequately train workers to recognize and avoid unsafe trench conditions;
  • ensure a safe means for exiting the excavation;
  • and ensure that excavated materials were kept at least 2 feet from the trench edge.

Employers performing excavation work must develop and implement safety procedures to properly protect their employees from cave-ins, and train crews to recognize and evaluate hazards.



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