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Don’t drive with distractions— whether you’re on or off the job

Posted: January 25, 2017

Distracted driving is not only dangerous for individuals—but also their employers, who could be held liable for accidents caused on the job site.

Under the doctrine of “vicarious responsibility,” the court system can now hold employers legally accountable for negligent acts of fleet employees. For example, a jury found an international beverage company liable for $21 million in damages in 2012 after its driver caused an accident while using a phone behind the wheel.

Employers can also be deemed negligent if they do not enforce policies for safe phone usage on the job. Though a cell phone policy doesn’t legally absolve a company, a thoroughly-enforced electronic device policy is a company’s best defense along with proper training and holding employees accountable for violations.

CORE Safety Group is dedicated to ensuring our clients— and their employees—remain safe through effective safety training and implementation. CORE can offer our clients:

  1. Auditing and training performed by a DOT officer, including drug screening
  2. Create and mange a fleet safety program
  3. Defensive and distracted driver training
  4. Flagger training for highway construction
  5. Traffic control training

Protect your family of employees. Reach out to CORE Safety to implement a customized fleet safety program for your company. These policies remind employees: don’t drive with distractions— whether you’re on or off the job.

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