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The Importance of Training

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Employee training is paramount to the success of a safety program.  It is also critical that the training be documented, and files retained to ensure that your organization is audit ready.

Employers have an obligation to put new employees through an orientation process and provide certain safety training before they are allowed to go to work.

It is also important to train workers any time a process is changed or new tools and equipment are introduced to the task.

There are so many different topics that workers could, should or must be trained on to ensure that they are prepared to do their jobs safely.  Whether that’s fall protection, PPE, hazardous communication, hazard recognition, the list goes on.  Refresher training is also important to keep workers up to date.

And again, keeping the employees’ training files organized and readily available ensures that you are ready for any sort of inspection by an enforcement agency.

If you need help evaluating your training programs or would like us to deliver training to your team, don’t hesitate to give Core Safety a call.

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