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Fire Prevention Checklist

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  • Check your fire extinguishers monthly and document your inspections.
  • Schedule a yearly inspection with a fire protection company.
  • Conduct live fire extinguisher training- (We would be happy to help with this!)
  • Make sure to keep fire extinguishers:
    • Within 50 feet, when storing 5 or more gallons of flammable/combustible liquid or solids.
    • Between 25 and 75 feet away from above ground storage units.
    • At every landing on multi-story building stairwells.
    • One for every 3,000 square feet of indoor building space. (You should not travel more than 100 feet to reach an extinguisher)
  • Have EXITS clearly marked and free of debris, trash, or materials.
  • Run a mock fire incident to make sure your policies are known to employees.

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