It’s that time of year where road conditions can be hazardous due to the winter weather. Many companies have large fleets with hundreds even thousands of drivers on the road and a lot of us will be traveling for the holidays. Here are three topics to focus on for driving in winter weather. Number one, … Continue reading "Winter Weather Driving Tips"

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One of the most common complaints from workers on project sites, regarding hoisting operations, is they can’t hear the signal person’s whistle. The Rig Ring, by  RK Solutions, is an electronic 120DB whistle and blinking light that combines handheld functionality with remote control capability. The Rig Ring is intended to be fixed to an overhead … Continue reading "Signaling on Construction Sites"

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It’s that time of year when staying warm is important, especially if you are working outside for long periods of time.  A common question in the construction industry is, what is permitted to be worn underneath a hard hat? Winter liners can be worn but should be inspected to ensure they do not adversely affect … Continue reading "What Can I Wear Beneath My Hard Hat?"

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Since the effective date of the new rule, OSHA has issued 116 silica violations, however this violation is the largest to date and should get the attention of the construction industry due to the size of the fine. This specific case involves a highway contractor that has been issued citations totaling 304,130 dollars. The first … Continue reading "OSHA Cites Contractor for Silica Violations"

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OSHA recently announced that it is softening a hardline approach adopted during the previous administration restricting the use of post-accident drug testing. OSHA sent a memo to its regional administrators on October 11th that supplies a more permissive interpretation of its regulation prohibiting employers from discharging or discriminating against employees for reporting a work-related injury. Previously, … Continue reading "OSHA Drug Testing and Safety Incentive Curbs"

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OSHA recently updated the National Emphasis Program on preventing trenching and excavation collapses in response to a recent spike in trenching fatalities. OSHA recently cited a Missouri excavating company for allowing two employees to work in an unprotected trench while installing sewer pipe. The company now faces proposed penalties of over $189 thousand dollars. OSHA … Continue reading "OSHA Emphasizes Trenching & Excavation"

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With fatalities from excavation and trenching doubling in 2016, over the previous five years, OSHA is working to raise awareness and provide safety resources as a top priority in 2018.

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Achieving final stabilization status at construction sites can be challenging. There are many factors that can make or break your project’s goals for timing and cost. Here are some key considerations courtesy of CORE Safety’s Environmental Compliance Manager, Joe Welch.

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While online training is a convenient option, instructor-led safety training offers benefits that will produce a greater long-term payoff, including: Knowledge Retention, Personalized Learning and Peer Learning.

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This time of year is considered to be tornado season throughout most of the United States. How can you ensure that your employees are prepared?

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