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Introduction to Confined Spaces in Construction

This Introduction to Confined Spaces in Construction safety course is a more detailed review of confined spaces for attendants, entrants, supervisors and managers where the student will learn about OSHA’s new Confined Spaces in Construction regulation (29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA) and its fundamental requirements. This course focuses on the basics for recognizing, evaluating and controlling confined spaces. The student will learn about the guidelines set by OSHA for confined spaces and Confined Space Entry (CSE) program procedures that should be set by your company to ensure safety while working at the job site. In addition, you will be shown ways to prevent confined spaces injuries in your workplace.

Fall Protection in Construction

This online safety course focuses on the basic guidelines and methods for fall protection in the construction industry. Learn how to recognize, evaluate and control fall hazards throughout this OSHA Fall Protection training.

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