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Electrical Safety and LOTO

This Electrical Safety and LOTO course is aimed at employees across various sectors, including manufacturing, office settings, and construction, who handle electrical equipment. It emphasizes identifying and mitigating electrical hazards, stressing the importance of not working on live equipment without proper training, maintaining equipment, grounding circuits, and using appropriate PPE. Key topics include electricity basics, safe work practices, circuit protection, equipment design, and energy control programs.

Hazard Communication Advanced

This online Hazard Communication (HazCom) Advanced training is principally intended to provide workers that routinely work with or are otherwise exposed to hazardous chemicals the required training and information above the Introductory or Awareness level. It is also intended for Supervisors and Managers that oversee employees with routine exposure risk or employees who may otherwise be exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This training is applicable to Employers and Employees in nearly all places of employment, including Construction, General Industry, Manufacturing, Service and Transportation Services, among others.

Competent Person Excavations

This online course is designed for construction supervisors, managers, and owners, focusing on the requirements for appointing a competent person for trenching and excavation safety, in compliance with OSHA and state regulations. It covers the definition, qualifications, and evaluation of a competent person, along with specific responsibilities and state-specific guidelines.

Scaffold User Guidelines for Construction

The Scaffold User Guidelines for Construction course is an online safety course designed to teach the proper use of a scaffold. Because scaffolds are important when working above ground on a construction job site, as well as ladders, it is imperative that they are set up and used correctly. This intermediate safety course will cover specific hazards involved in their use so you will be made aware of the dangers of working with or around scaffolds. The course will also briefly cover the use of scissor lifts on the worksite.

ClickSafety’s Scaffold User Guidelines for Construction safety course will familiarize participants with basic scaffold user safety, as well as potential scaffold hazards. Also addressed in the course are OSHA standards regarding materials and equipment, competent person inspection, and supported rolling scaffolds.

Above all else, the course puts a significant emphasis on the correct setup of scaffolds and hazards to avoid in order to mitigate potential risks. At a glance, course topics include the following:

  • Introduction to scaffold user guidelines
  • General safety on scaffolds
  • Scaffold hazards
  • Scaffold load capacity
  • Scaffold erection standards
  • Planking
  • Accident reviews
  • Supported scaffolds
  • Rolling scaffolds

Fire Prevention

This Fire Prevention online course is geared towards construction workers, managers, superintendents, and foremen, focusing on eliminating fire hazards on-site. Participants will learn to identify, prevent, and correct fire risks, understand the necessary equipment for protection, and develop effective emergency response plans, ensuring a safer construction environment.

Fall Protection Awareness For Construction

The Fall Protection Awareness for Construction online safety course is designed to offer participants general information regarding fall protection requirements. Throughout the course, participants will learn the definitions and explanations of fall safety plans, equipment, and fall arrest and restraints. This is an introductory-level course offering all the basics of information therein.

ClickSafety’s Fall Protection Awareness for Construction online course is designed to meet and exceed the rules and regulations established by OSHA, governing common fall hazards and the need for protection in such situations. Additionally, the course discusses the different types of fall protection available, as well as how to choose a fall protection system. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Overview of fall protection
  • Fall protection systems
  • Common fall hazards
  • Situational analysis regarding fall protection

Industry terms participants will familiarize themselves with include fall arrest and fall restraint.

Fall Protection Awareness

This course targets construction workers, foremen, and supervisors, focusing on OSHA’s fall protection standards and regulations. It covers identifying common fall hazards, selecting appropriate fall protection systems, including fall arrest and restraint systems, and understanding both federal and state requirements, aiming to enhance safety awareness and compliance on construction sites.

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