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Intended Audience

This online excavation safety course is to be used by supervisors, managers and owners to ensure they follow OSHA and State regulations in naming a competent person to oversee trenching and excavation safety.

  • Construction Supervisors
  • Construction Managers
  • Construction Owners

Why Take This Course

ClickSafety’s Competent Person, Excavations online course will show you the requirements for naming a competent person for the purpose of construction excavations. After successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Understand the definition of a competent person
  • Know the specific qualifications for naming someone a competent person
  • Be able to correctly evaluate an employee for the purpose of naming him/her a CP

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Competent Person Excavations
  • Naming a Competent Person (CP)
  • Competent Person Responsibilities
  • California and Other States

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