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The Tips to Survive an OSHA Inspection is a 60-minute intermediate online training designed to help students prepare for and more fully understand an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection. OSHA has jurisdiction over nearly 7 million worksites and prioritizes resources on hazardous worksites.

By taking the Tips to Survive an OSHA Inspection training from ClickSafety, participants can expect to better understand the standards OSHA sets, as well as the importance of OSHA compliance.

ClickSafety’s Tips to Survive an OSHA Inspection features is designed to carefully elaborate upon OSHA’s workplace standards of safety, what is expected in an OSHA inspection, reasoning, priorities, and more. Specific course topics include the following:

  • An overview of exactly what and who OSHA is and the mission of the organization.
  • Details about who is covered by OSHA in the private sector, at state and local levels, and in the federal government. You will also learn who is not covered by OSHA requirements.
  • Differences between the varying types of OSHA inspections and their goals including on-site inspections and phone/fax inspections.
  • Preparation tips for both requested and unrequested types of OSHA inspections.
  • Understanding the conditions under which OSHA provides advance notice for an inspection.
  • Complete details on the six priorities of OSHA inspections including: imminent danger situations, severe injuries and illnesses, worker complaints, referrals, targeted inspections, and follow-up inspections.
  • Thorough coverage of the several steps that comprise the inspection process: introduction and identification, the opening conference, the walk around, interviews, and the closing conference.
  • Detailed information on the consequences of an inspection, including what happens if a violation is found. Post-inspection information includes types of violations, posting of citations, informal conferences, follow-up inspections, and both civil and criminal penalties.
  • The six different tiers of OSHA violations — Willful, Serious, Other Than Serious, De Minimis, Failure to Abate, and Repeated — are explored in depth.
  • Steps to take when a Citation and Notification of Penalty has been received.
  • When to request an informal conference and steps to review prior to an informal conference, including key deadlines.
  • Scenarios in which criminal penalties may be imposed and by whom, including by courts of law and not by OSHA or the OSHA Review Commission.
  • The absolute musts when preparing for an OSHA inspection — planning in advance, managing the inspection, taking your time, and pushing back.
  • Do’s and don’ts of an OSHA inspection from before the inspection two when OSHA arrives at your workplace followed by what happens after a citation is issued to retaliation claims.
  • Practical tips and links to additional Department of Labor and CDC resources.
  • Intermittent “Knowledge Check” slides throughout to confirm full understanding.
  • Overview of training requirements for safety-conscious supervisors to implement to ensure knowledgeable and competent operators.

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