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Intended Audience

This Fall Protection Safety training is intended for all construction workers, supervisors and managers who are responsible for following OSHA’s Fall Protection standards.

  • Construction Workers
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Construction Managers

Why Take This Course

In this online safety course, you will be provided with the basics of fall protection safety with an overview of various fall safety tips and requirements. This course presents numerous case studies that cover topics such as fall hazards, fall hazard evaluation, fall hazard control and training requirements. When you have successfully completed this course, you will be able to promote fall protection safety in your workplace.

Course Topics

  • Fall Protection Overview
  • Background of Fall Protection
  • OSHA Requirements
  • Definitions
  • Passive Fall Protection
  • Active Fall Protection
  • Alternate Fall Protection Systems
  • Other Fall Protection Considerations
  • Fall Protection Planning

The Fall Protection Awareness for Construction online safety course is designed to offer participants general information regarding fall protection requirements. Throughout the course, participants will learn the definitions and explanations of fall safety plans, equipment, and fall arrest and restraints. This is an introductory-level course offering all the basics of information therein.

ClickSafety’s Fall Protection Awareness for Construction online course is designed to meet and exceed the rules and regulations established by OSHA, governing common fall hazards and the need for protection in such situations. Additionally, the course discusses the different types of fall protection available, as well as how to choose a fall protection system. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Overview of fall protection
  • Fall protection systems
  • Common fall hazards
  • Situational analysis regarding fall protection

Industry terms participants will familiarize themselves with include fall arrest and fall restraint.

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