Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Certification - Core Safety, LLC
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Intended Audience

  • This online course is meant for forklift operators, site safety engineers and managers in charge of following job site safety regulations.
  • Rough Terrain Forklift Operators
  • Site Safety Managers
  • Site Safety Engineers

Why Take This Course?

  • Once you take ClickSafety’s Rough Terrain Forklift course, you will be better prepared and informed on how to work safely and correctly with a forklift [not without some practical experience on the lift itself]. Learn how to:
  • Perform a detailed pre-shift inspection that includes all parts of the lift
  • Properly operate a forklift to avoid death or injury
  • Take responsibility for the safe operation of the forklift

Course Topics

  • Inspection Criteria
  • Operational Characteristics
  • Handling and Placing Loads
  • Stability
  • Fueling
  • General Safety Rules
  • Driver Evaluations

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