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Intended Audience

This online safety course is intended to benefit all construction workers and management employees who may work with or around lasers, lead or silica dust.

  • Construction Workers
  • Construction Foremen
  • Construction Supervisors

Why Take This Course

In this Other Construction Health Hazards online course, you will learn the basics of laser hazards and how to control them. If you work with lasers or come into contact with lasers, talk with the operators or review the manufacturer’s safety information. You will learn safe work practices around workplace lead exposures. Lead is toxic and can be absorbed by inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration. Inhaling airborne lead is the biggest source of occupational exposure. This course focuses on the sources of lead, sources of exposure, exposure limits and controlling your exposure to lead. You will also be taught how to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control silica dust hazards.

Course Topics

  • Laser Safety
    • Laser Safety Awareness
    • Characteristics of Lasers
    • Laser Hazards
    • Laser Hazard Control
    • Regulatory Issues with Lasers
  • Lead in Construction
    • Introduction to Lead in Construction
    • Lead: A Public Health Problem
    • Lead Sources
    • Lead Poisoning Symptoms
    • Lead Hazards
    • Exposed Populations
    • OSHA Standards
    • Lead Controls
    • Exposures Assessment, Limits and Action Levels
    • Medical Surveillance, Lead Notification and Lead Removal
    • MSDS
    • Your Right to Know
  • Silica Hazard Awareness
    • Silica Hazard Awareness
    • About Silica
    • Silicosis
    • Silica in Construction
    • Preventing Exposure to Silica
    • Controlling Silica Dust

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