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To help protect workers, OSHA has identified the four most common causes of workplace fatalities in the construction industry, known as the Focus Four. Among them, electrocution is a danger where power is required on the construction worksite. ClickSafety’s Focus Four Electrocution Prevention for Construction course provides electrocution prevention training based on OSHA standards to help workers understand and avoid electrical hazards to keep themselves and their team safe.

During this course, students will learn about electrical hazards as part of the OSHA Focus Four Outreach Training initiative, including

  • Basics of electricity
  • Common electrical hazards
  • Electrocution risks in construction
  • Personal Protective Equipment and safety best practices
  • Lockout/tagout (LOTO) and energy control procedures
  • Electrical work hazard recognition
  • How to minimize and avoid electrical risks
  • Emergency Response drills and preparation
  • Testing of energized equipment
  • Employer responsibilities, including the identification of a Qualified Person

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