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Cal/OSHA, An Introduction

This Introduction to Cal/OSHA will instruct you about the origins and missions of California OSHA, as well as the key regulations. OSHA is a leader in the development and enforcement of occupational safety and health standards. This course will discuss the history of occupational safety and health, and how Cal/OSHA developed its regulations.

Introduction to Cal/OSHA for Construction

In this introductory online safety course we will cover the origins and missions of Cal/OSHA, or California-specific OSHA. The course focuses on key regulations, especially the regulations that are more stringent than Federal OSHA regulations. This Cal/OSHA for Construction course will teach you the specific California OSHA regulations, since Federal OSHA does not have jurisdiction on most California construction job sites.

Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention for All Industry Workers (30 Minutes)

This California OSHA Heat Illness Prevention course for workers is based on the State of California OSHA regulations and is intended for those California employees in all industries, including Construction, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Transportation and General Industry, who have the potential for exposure to heat illness on the job site. This course will familiarize the student with the basics of heat illness, its symptoms and ways it can be prevented.

Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention for Employers

Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention is intended for employers in all industries that have employees working in California with the potential for exposure to heat illness and heat stress. This course is intended to familiarize the student with the basics of Cal/OSHA’s standard, titled Heat Illness Prevention, and found in Section 3395 of the Title 8 California Code of Regulations, as amended in April, 2015.

Cal Concrete and Masonry for Construction

Concrete and Masonry for California is an intermediate online course that focuses on Cal/OSHA requirements to protect construction workers from injuries and accidents on the job site. The health hazards covered in OSHA’s requirements and discussed in this course include premature removal of form work, the failure to brace masonry walls, the failure to support pre-cast panels, the inadvertent operation of equipment and the failure to guard reinforcing steel. This California-specific Concrete and Masonry online safety course also covers health hazards and control information, including eye, skin and inhalation hazards and associated protective measures.

Cal Confined Spaces for Construction

This safety course, introductory in nature, focuses on the basics for recognizing, evaluating, and controlling confined spaces.

This California Confined Spaces in Construction safety course is targeted for California attendants, entrants, supervisors and managers and will provide information about California’s most recent Confined Spaces in Construction regulation found in Title 8, California Code of Regulations (T8-CCR), Subchapter 4, Article 37) and its fundamental requirements.

This course, introductory in nature focuses on the basics for recognizing, evaluating and controlling confined spaces. The student will learn about the requirements established by CAL/OSHA for confined spaces in Construction and the Confined Spaces Entry (CSE) program procedures that should be set by your company to ensure safety while working at the job site. In addition, you will be trained and informed of methods to prevent confined spaces injuries in your workplace. HELLO

Cal Crane Safety Basics for Construction (50 Minutes)

Crane Safety Basics for California is an intermediate online course that covers many safety principles involved with different types of tower cranes and mobile cranes. The course includes requirements for all cranes and the specific requirements for rough terrain, truck mounted crawler and tower cranes in California. In addition, this training covers information about the need for and use of load charts, and the inspection requirements for a California operator certification.

Cal Electrical Hazards

This intermediate Electrical Hazard Recognition and Control in California online safety course is designed to teach you how to avoid serious injuries or fatalities by electrical hazards found on California construction work sites. Learn about California-specific Electrical Recognition, unsafe or improperly installed electrical equipment, workplaces exposed to electrical hazards due to their surrounding environment and how to avoid unsafe work practices when using electrical equipment.

Cal Fall Protection

Cal/OSHA Fall Protection for Construction is an intermediate online safety course covering recent changes that OSHA has adopted for their fall protection regulations. This course addresses compliance start heights, regulations affecting certain trades, exemptions and design of California-specific passive fall protection systems. The fall protection course provides basic occupational safety and health information.

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