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Intended Audience

  • Construction Foremen in California
  • Construction Supervisors in California
  • Construction Workers in California

Why Take This Course

When you have successfully completed this course, you will be aware of Cal/OSHA Fall Protection standards with particular attention to their differences from the Federal OSHA regulations. You will:

  • Know why California OSHA is different than Fed OSHA safety plans
  • Understand fall protection plans and be able to put them in action
  • Follow Cal/OSHA and Fall Protection safety plans
  • Be aware of standard types of fall protection

Course Topics

  • Introduction to California-specific Fall Protection
  • General Fall Protection and Protection Requirements
  • Standard Types of Fall Protection
  • Fall Protection Fatal Facts #46
  • Connecting Devices
  • Special Exceptions
  • Fall Protection Plans
  • Other Considerations
  • Fatal Facts Case Study
  • Fatal Facts #54
  • Fall Protection: Summing it Up
  • Other Considerations

Cal/OSHA Fall Protection for Construction is an intermediate online safety course covering recent changes that OSHA has adopted for their fall protection regulations. This course addresses compliance start heights, regulations affecting certain trades, exemptions and design of California-specific passive fall protection systems. The fall protection course provides basic occupational safety and health information.

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