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Safety Consultants on a project in Washington, D.C.

Safety Consulting Services in Washington, D.C.

CORE’s Safety’s Washington, D.C. based team is comprised of degreed and credentialed safety professionals with years of experience.  We provide onsite safety and medical staffing, retained safety management support, safety auditing, mock OSHA inspections, safety training and safety program assessments.  Our services extend beyond Washington, D.C. to include nationwide coverage. Request a quote or reach out and let us know how we can assist you with your safety consultant needs

Our Safety Management Experience in Washington, D.C.

Our Washington, D.C. based Safety Consultants have a vast amount of experience in all types of environments including large scale construction, industrial, healthcare, multi-family, manufacturing and renewable energy are no stranger to us.  Our services included but are not limited to the following:
CoreSafety Construction safety manager

Safe Assist® Program in Washington, D.C.

Simply put, our Safety Manager becomes your organization's Safety Manager and is available when you need them. For a specified number of hours each month, we will assign one of our Safety Manager's, who with the support of our entire Washington, D.C. team, will guide assist your organization with all its safety management needs.

CoreSafety group providing inspection and risk assessment

Safety Inspection and Auditing Services in Washington, D.C.

CORE’s safety auditing and risk assessments services are available in Washington, D.C.. Our customized safety audit approach will assist your organization with identifying areas of risk and OSHA compliance to assist with avoiding costly injuries and OSHA penalties.

CoreSafety Mock OSHA Inspector

Mock OSHA Inspections in Washington, D.C.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an OSHA Inspector arrived at your facility to conduct an inspection? A single violation can cost over $13,000. Our Mock OSHA inspection process will coach your team and prepare them for handling an unexpected OSHA visit.

CoreSafety Safety Program Assessment Procedure

Safety Program Assessment in Washington, D.C.

Ready to take your safety program to the next level? Our Safety Program Assessment will help identify gaps within your safety program as well as provide a benchmark for how your organization is performing as compared to requirements set forth by federal regulations and other best management practices commonly used in the industry.

CoreSafety OSHA Defense Meeting

OSHA Citation and Claims Defense in Washington, D.C.

Recently had an OSHA inspection or a large workers’ compensation or general liability claim? CORE’s loss control and risk managers will work with your organization to assist in eliminating your claims cost and mitigate penalties.

CoreSafety Instructor Leading OSHA Safety Awareness Training Course

OSHA Training in Washington, D.C.

CORE is a premier safety and OSHA training provider, offering interactive, onsite instructor led training courses in both English and Spanish. Our Washington, D.C. team of safety instructors can be scheduled at your facility or project site.

Core Safety Group safety staffing oversees employee safety

Safety Staffing in Washington, D.C.

CORE provides both temporary and long-term safety staffing solutions in Washington, D.C.. Whether your need is staff augmentation for a specific project or the permanent placement of an in-house safety professional, we can provide degreed and credentialed environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals for your organization.

CoreSafety Experienced Medical Professional

Onsite Medical Services in Washington, D.C.

CORE Safety, in partnership provides onsite healthcare and medical clinic support to the construction and industrial environments in Washington, D.C.. Our experienced medical professionals can attend and treat injuries directly onsite helping improve medical outcomes and lower your organizations workers compensation cost and EMR rate.

What Makes CORE Different?

CORE Safety Group for over 15 years has been providing clients with a higher level of safety consulting services. Let us help you achieve your safety management goals. We are able to service all the cities/neighborhoods/towns in and around Washington, D.C. like Downtown, Mt Vernon Square, China Town, Westminster, Adams Morgan, Georgetown, and Petworth. We have highly skilled and well-degreed professionals on board. We also have insights and are be able to work on the following environments:



Insurance Programs


























Power Industry

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