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Intended Audience

This Trenching and Excavation online safety course is intended for all supervisory personnel, especially:

  • Construction Superintendents
  • Construction Foremen
  • Construction Project Managers

Why Take This Course

By taking ClickSafety’s Trenching and Excavation online safety course, you will learn safe work practices according to the Federal OSHA Excavation Standard. Once you have successfully completed this trench and excavation class, you will:

  • Understand the OSHA safety standards and other excavation requirements
  • Understand how to effectively protect yourself from excavation hazards
  • Know the soil classification system

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Trenching and Excavation
  • History of OSHA Excavation Standard
  • Definitions
  • Specific Excavation Requirements
  • Soil Classification System
  • Requirements for Protective Systems
  • Designs Using the OSHA “Standard”
  • Support Systems, Shield Systems and Other Protective Systems
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Installation and Removal

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