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Intended Audience

Although contaminated and unsafe packages or mail can be sent to anyone, the Suspicious Mail online safety course is targeted to General Industry personnel who handle packages and parcels thorough the mail as part of their regular job tasks:

  • General Industry Workers
  • General Industry Managers

Why Take This Course

After successfully completing this Suspicious Mail online safety course, you will have a good understanding of how to identify suspicious mail and which procedures to follow. You will receive basic information concerning anthrax as well as the steps the FBI, US Postal Service and other governmental agencies encourage us to take to assure safety from anthrax and other hazards in suspicious mail.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Suspicious Mail and Anthrax
  • Hazards in the Mail
  • Handling a Suspect Package or Letter
  • Anthrax
  • Transmission
  • Prevention and Treatment
  • Protection from Anthrax in the Mail

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