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Road Construction Special Hazards

Why Take This Course

By taking ClickSafety’s Road Construction Special Hazards online safety course, you will learn about the dangers and control methods of working in confined spaces, the use of high visibility apparel and emergency rescue response. When you have successfully completed this course, you will:

  • Know the dangers that can be found when working in a confined space and the important role of a confined space entry team
  • Know how to use control measures for safety
  • Understand the importance and difference of wearing the right type of high visibility safety apparel
  • Be aware of the rescue procedures and emergency response

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Road Construction Special Hazards
  • Definitions
  • Recognizing the Hazards
  • Confined Spaces and Hazard Control
  • CSE Team
  • CSE Equipment
  • Rescue
  • Special Considerations
  • High Visibility Apparel
  • Emergencies
  • Emergency Response

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