Confined Spaces Awareness for Construction (20 Minutes) - Core Safety, LLC
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Intended Audience

  • Construction Workers
  • Construction Foremen
  • Construction Managers

Why Take This Course

By taking Confined Spaces Awareness for Construction online safety course, you will have a more thorough and up-to-date understanding of the equipment, systems and procedures necessary to assist you in reducing the risks of workplace accidents due to confined spaces. Upon successful completion, you will:

  • Identify examples of confined spaces and the dangers associated with confined spaces
  • Recognize that OSHA has strict requirements for Confined Spaces in Construction, found in 29 CFR 1926, Subpart AA
  • Describe the major difference between a confined space and a permit-required confined space
  • Recognize that only select, trained, and authorized persons may enter permit-required confined spaces

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Confined Spaces
    • Backgrounds
    • Definitions
  • Common Types of Confined Spaces
  • Principal Hazards of Confined Spaces
  • Importance of Confined Space Location Recognition
  • Importance of Signs and Labels
  • Importance of Reporting Potential Hazards
  • Confined Spaces in Construction Summary

In this awareness-level online safety course, you will learn about Confined Spaces in Construction. Find out how to utilize your existing knowledge on confined spaces while learning about new kinds of safety procedures and changing regulations. Confined spaces include manholes, crawl spaces and tanks that are not designed for continuous occupancy and are difficult to exit in the event of an emergency. Construction workers often perform tasks in confined spaces and these spaces can present physical and atmospheric hazards that can be prevented if addressed prior to entering the space to perform work.

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