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Intended Audience

General industry workers are the intended audience for this coke oven safety training.

  • General Industry Workers
  • General Industry Supervisors
  • General Industry Managers

Why Take This Course

ClickSafety’s Coke Oven Emissions online course covers what a coke oven is and its uses. Upon successful completion of this course, you will understand:

  • The Primary Exposure Routes
  • Two Primary Health Hazards
  • OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Limit for Coke Oven Emissions
  • Two Types of PPE when working with Coke Ovens
  • Proper Hygiene Facilities
  • Records Access
  • Signs and Labels
  • Medical Surveillance

Course Topics

  • Properties and Uses of Coke Ovens
  • Primary Routes of Coke Oven Emission Exposure
  • Primary Health Hazards and Exposure Limits
  • Safety Requirements and PPE

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