Cal Fire Prevention Awareness - Core Safety, LLC
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Intended Audience

  • Construction Managers in California
  • Construction Supervisors in California
  • Construction Employees in California

Why Take This Course

This course will help you identify the causes of fires and avoid damage or death resulting from fires. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of keeping your work area clean
  • List the keys to fire prevention
  • Ensure you have identified the location of fire extinguishers around hot work

Course Topics

  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Control
  • Fire and Extinguisher Types
  • Fire Extinguisher Locations
  • Using a Fire Extinguisher
  • Combating a Fire

In this introductory Fire Prevention Awareness in California online course, you can expect to learn the basics of fire prevention, according to Federal and Cal/OSHA State requirements. This awareness course focuses on prevention of fires by keeping your job site and work area clean. The keys to fire prevention are being aware of fire risks, understanding how to control fires, knowing how to use an extinguisher and reporting any fires and evacuations.

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