Ammonia Awareness R2 - Core Safety, LLC
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Intended Audience

This online Ammonia Awareness course is for construction workers who may be exposed to this potentially toxic chemical:

  • Construction Workers

Why Take This Course

  • By taking ClickSafety’s online Ammonia Awareness class, we will show you how you can become exposed to ammonia, and the health hazards caused by this dangerous chemical. After taking this course and completing it successfully, you will:
  • Know about the dangers of being exposed to ammonia
  • Understand how to work safely with and around this chemical
  • Know the importance of using personal protective equipment
  • Understand first aid procedures to use when treating a person who has been exposed to ammonia

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Ammonia
  • Properties of Ammonia
  • Health Effects
  • First Aid
  • Situational Analysis
  • Working Safely with Ammonia
  • PPE

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