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The Welding Safety for Supervisors for Manufacturing course from ClickSafety is a 60-minute introductory-level online training designed to highlight the health and safety risks associated with welding in the Manufacturing workplace. OSHA requires all employees who work with or around welding or hot work spaces to know the health and safety risks associated with such work.

Participants can expect to learn the types of welding, hazards, and appropriate PPE for individual tasks, as well as how to protect their employees and workspace from potential hazards.

ClickSafety’s Welding Safety for Supervisors for Manufacturing course is designed to fulfill OSHA’s requirements regarding appropriate training for working with and/or around welding and hot work environments. This course highlights Supervisory responsibilities in regards to mitigating potential risks and more. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Supervisor responsibilities to protect employees from welding and hot work hazards
  • PPE requirements for employees welding or working near welding operations
  • Three types of welding, with definitions and examples of each
  • Restrictions for physical welding areas
  • Three common categories of combustible materials
  • Four fire hazards and fire prevention guidelines
  • Correct Hot Work Permit procedure
  • Responsibilities of a fire watch, requirements for fire extinguishers, and discussion about fire guards and shields
  • Other risks and controls, including contact burns, radiation, and welding fumes
  • Information about confined spaces and precautions
  • Links to additional resources for information and assistance
  • Knowledge checks to measure your understanding

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