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The Overhead Crane Operator training is a four-hour, introductory level course designed to provide operators with a firm understanding of health and safety standards, preventative maintenance, and proper procedures for the safe operation of overhead cranes.

This Overhead Crane Operator course is a four-hour training designed to teach participants the essential safety standards, preventative maintenance, and proper procedures as they pertain to safe overhead crane operations. Participants can expect to learn about the safe operations and working environment around overhead cranes throughout this training. Specific course topics are reinforced through supplemental workbooks and include the following:

  • Requirements for overhead crane inspections
  • Common safety procedures of overhead crane operations
  • Best practices for overhead crane component inspections
  • Mechanical systems used by overhead cranes
  • Structural components of overhead cranes
  • Federal, state, and provincial standards and their similarities/differences for overhead crane operations

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