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The Housekeeping Awareness for General Industry online course from ClickSafety is an introductory-level training that reviews both the rules and regulations governing housekeeping for general industry, including but not limited to hotel and office safety. Participants can expect coursework that cites OSHA regulations and explains them in simple terms, ensuring understanding to the highest degree.

ClickSafety’s Housekeeping Awareness for General Industry course covers the most common types of workplace accidents, as well as general housekeeping safety training and awareness Additionally, participants can expect to learn methods of protection, accident and fire prevention, and the benefits for all companies and workers adhering to OSHA rules and regulations. Specific course topics include the following:

  • Introduction to housekeeping
  • Housekeeping and OSHA requirements
  • Housekeeping best practices
  • Summary and tips regarding housekeeping

Specific industry terms covered throughout the course include the following:

  • OSHA rules and regulations
  • Hotel housekeeping safety
  • Office housekeeping safety
  • Industrial housekeeping safety
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

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