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Second only to falls, Struck-By Hazards are one of the most common causes of the Focus-Four worksite fatalities in construction. Workers and managers alike must be able to identify, avoid, and address these hazards to stay safe on the job and remain compliant with OSHA regulations. The Focus Four Struck-By Fatality Prevention for Construction Course from ClickSafety offers important construction fatality prevention training to promote greater awareness of common Struck-By Hazards. Additionally, course participants will learn more about safe work practices that guard against injuries and fatalities.

Named one of OSHA’s Focus Four hazards, Struck-By Hazards include situations that expose workers to falling, rolling, swinging, or flying objects. In this course, students will learn:

  • OSHA’s Focus Four hazards
  • Identifying Struck-By Hazards
  • How to minimize and/or eliminate Struck-By Hazards
  • Common Struck-By Hazards
  • How to protect yourself and your team
  • The employer’s responsibilities

After completing the Focus Four Struck-By Fatality Prevention for Construction Course, workers will understand how to recognize these hazards and what to do when one is encountered on the job.

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