Safety Consulting

For a specified number of hours each month, your Safe Assist professional will provide a spectrum of safety management services customized to meet your organization’s program needs and goals. Your Safe Assist professional will work closely with your point-of-contact to discuss program needs, schedule job-site inspections, and handle training requests.

CORE provides this necessary part of any safety program by acting as inspectors, helping businesses and facilities maintain compliance with OSHA and other regulations and providing insight into the level at which an organization’s safety programs are being executed.

Ready to take your safety program to the next level? Our Safety Program Assessment will help identify gaps within your safety program as well as provide a benchmark for how your organization is performing as compared to requirements set forth by federal regulations and other best management practices commonly used in the industry.

CORE’s auditing and management experience includes billions of dollars of wrap-up projects. Serving a variety of clients including insurance carriers, brokers, owners, or contractors, CORE’s risk assessments and loss control audits assist in effectively implementing a successful risk and claims management strategy.

CORE’s loss control and risk managers work with companies facing citations and claims to mitigate penalties and reduce costs. The CORE team carefully reviews and discusses an organization’s options and provides representation to assist in reducing or eliminating your claims and penalties.

CORE offers medical care for the construction industry through on-site clinics to handle employees’ injuries and minor illnesses, as well as manage their follow-up care. An on-site clinic saves on medical costs and reduces lost work time, worker compensation claims and the potential for litigation.