On-Site Training

Who Needs This Service

Businesses and organizations that care about the safety of their people and their bottom line. Training fosters a safety culture and elevates a team’s safety practices and its level of compliance with OSHA health and safety standards. Clients with manufacturing operations, shipping/receiving and warehouse operations, assembly sites, chemical processing, service industries, maintenance facilities, laboratories, and healthcare operations located anywhere in the United States.

The On-Site Training Difference

While online training is a convenient option, the benefits of instructor-led safety training are unmatched, including:

Knowledge Retention

When it comes to knowledge retention, nothing beats instructor-led training. The classroom provides a focused environment for learning that encourages participation and discussion.

Personalized Learning

Experienced instructors tailor approaches and answer specific questions during the course of the training. Students also receive immediate feedback. If a particular section is confusing, too fast or too slow, the trainer can adjust the teaching plan to accommodate real-time feedback.

Peer Learning

In a classroom setting, attendees can gain insight from others’ questions and learn from their peers as well as the instructor. This is also a great networking opportunity to meet and learn from others in a similar field or trade.

Course Offerings