This time of year is considered to be tornado season throughout most of the United States. How can you ensure that your employees are prepared?

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Is your team aware of risks and steps to take with contaminants found in buildings and job sites?

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The new silica standard for construction established by OSHA in 2017 has received much coverage for the protections it established for workers. But beyond the human risk from silica dust, construction teams should take measures to protect the environment from it as well.

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With the excitement of the holiday season, unfortunately there is often an increase in injuries.

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Construction of healthcare facilities presents a host of challenges for contractors. Open 365 days of the year with employees and patients onsite at all times, these facilities require added security measures and minimal disruption to daily operations to protect the safety and well-being of patients, employees and the general public.

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Jay Biggs, Safety Advisor, was awarded the Raymond Critchfield Memorial Scholarship by TEXO last week.

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Congratulations to CORE Safety Group’s Scott Lydick, Director of Safety Services, who achieved his Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification last week.

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Congratulations to CORE Safety Group’s Charlie Sharp, Safety Advisor, who achieved his Occupational Health and Safety Technologist (OHST) certification on October 14th.

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Recently an apprentice electrician was helping install lightning protection at a construction project. It was the employee's first day on the project. While preparing to install electrical equipment, the apprentice was clearing the area of debris to make room for the operation. The employee lifted a piece of plywood that was covering approximately a 36" by 36" hole. The employee stepped forward into the uncovered hole and fell approximately 42 feet to the bottom of a concrete tank.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new standard for construction went into effect on September 23rd of this year, outlining stricter limitations on the amount of silica dust, or respirable crystalline silica, that can be inhaled by workers on construction sites.

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