5 Qualities of a Great Safety Manager

Posted: November 1, 2018 Tags:

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Safety Managers are the catalysts of a good safety culture. They are responsible for implementing and monitoring safety and health programs.

But beyond a job description, what makes a truly great safety manager? And how can employees aspiring to develop into these roles stand out?

These are our top 5 qualities of a great safety manager.


#1 Be Diplomatic

No one wants to work with the safety cop. A great safety manager should be a coach.


#2 Be Social

A great safety manager is a people person.

Great safety managers are able to relate and connect with employees to build relationships.


#3 Be Knowledgeable

Safety mangers should be a knowledgeable member of the team when it comes to safety standards, best practices, products and technology.


#4 Be Professional

Studies prove that appearance has a direct correlation to people’s assumptions of you and your knowledge.  Your language should also remain professional.


#5 Be Patient

Developing a strong safety culture doesn’t happen overnight. While some organizations will buy in quickly, other take time to come around to change.



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