Scaffold Erection Guidelines

Intended Audience

The Scaffold Erection safety training is intended for all construction workers:

  • Construction Workers
  • Construction Managers
  • Construction Supervisors

Why Take This Course

By taking ClickSafety’s Scaffold Erection Guidelines online safety course, you will be better prepared to work safely with and around scaffolds at the job site. Upon successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Know how to properly inspect all scaffolds, components and fall arrest equipment before each use
  • Effectively reinstall necessary supports, ties or bracing before dismantling scaffold erections
  • Be able to properly follow all OSHA and PPE guidelines
  • Know all scaffold erection safety protocols

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Scaffold Erection
  • Competent Person Erecting Scaffolds
  • Scaffold Structure
  • Safety Considerations
  • Training on Scaffold Erection