Loss control audits are a necessity in any safety program. Not only do audits provide assistance in maintaining compliance with OSHA and other regulations, but they also help provide insight to the level at which the organization’s safety program is being executed.

We understand that every organization is different, and we know that an effective auditing program is not a one-size fits all solution. We take the time to evaluate your specific organizational needs and create a customized auditing program through our four phase process.


Our auditing and management experience includes billions of dollars of wrap-up projects. Whether you are an insurance carrier, broker, owner, or contractor, our loss control services can assist in effectively implementing a successful safety and claims management strategy for your project.



  • Identifies gaps between your current and desired program goals and objectives.
  • Identifies liability issues and areas of risk exposures specific to your organization.
  • Determines the appropriate audit strategy for your organization.



  • CORE Safety will develop a customized audit report that will incorporate your company’s specific policies, objectives, and goals.
  • Each report will include photos and a detailed description of positive and at-risks behaviors and conditions, along with suggested corrective actions in line with company policies, regulatory standards, and best management practices.
  • We will capture multi-dimensional lines of data which enable us to benchmark performance and determine areas of deficiency and training needs of your staff.



  • Our Safety Professional will conduct an audit consistent with the strategy established during the assessment process.
  • Coach and advise your project team members on company and regulatory requirements and how to properly mitigate safety-related issues.
  • Our Safety Professional will collaborate and work with your project team in understanding and meeting company expectations.



  • By conducting a quarterly or annual trend analysis report, we will be able to determine areas of deficiency and training needs of your employees and organization.
  • We will uncover unexpected areas of need which should be accounted for and met with a solution.
  • We will identify and address any necessary changes within the audit process.
  • We will establish new benchmarks for your organization.

“On behalf of Aon’s Construction Services Group, I wanted to express our appreciation for our partnership with CORE Safety Group over the years in serving our clients. You have been and will continue to be a valuable partner to us in assisting us with our safety management and loss control services.”

Jim F. Dunn - AON Risk Solutions

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